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Tuna Quagmire

September 11, 2014 2 comments

Although I prolly shoulda kept the ingredients secret, here’s my tuna quagmire before the big mix:


And voila, here’s the tuna quagmire after the mix:


Of course, the very best ingredient, by a wide margin, is the BD00 GIANT MARTINI.

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Eeee-ewe, A Martini?

January 17, 2010 4 comments

I love dirty martinis, but thank god (little “g” on purpose because I’m not fond of  strict rules of behavior and BS dogma regarding a point source deity with a beard who looks like us) I only drink them on weekends – fer now (hee hee!). I used to hate the taste of DMs along with other hoytee- -toytee bourgeoisie (I’m not a communist – I swear!) drinks (e.g. manhattans, cosmos, rusty nails, etc), but a dear friend of mine for over twenty five years introduced them to me a coupla years ago.

Did this post have too many parentheses in it? If it did, it’s cuz I’m on my second dirty martini. If U check the date on this post, it’s a Sunday :^).

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