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Level Of Loyalty

Checkout the sketch below. Everyone knows why too little loyalty is detrimental to purposeful organizations of people, but why is too much loyalty a problem? (And no, that’s not a swastika.)

Loyal, Or Disloyal?

February 13, 2010 2 comments

In virtually every organization comprised of a large group of human beings, one individual or sub-group always holds absolute “power over” the members who hold the “power to” get things done. Because of the innate primal human desire to retain power and remain in control, there’s a dangerous fine line that every “power to” member should be acutely aware of.

On one side of the line is “loyalty”. On the other side is “disloyalty”. Those in charge, of course, are the ultimate arbiters of where you stand in relation to line. I like to straddle the line (see below), but it’s not within my power to judge where I stand.

Note: I borrowed the “power over” and “power to” concepts from Russell Ackoff, a true management geniusĀ  – that everyone in the mainstream ignores, of course.

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