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Watch And Learn

Vineet Nayar (HCL Technologies), Jim Goodnight (SAS Institute), Ricardo Semler (Semco), Terri Kelly (W. L. Gore), Tony Hsieh (, and John Mackey (Whole Foods Market). I try to follow and listen to what these CEOs say because they’re different, refreshing, authentic, and most importantly, eminently tweetable.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just added Red Hat’s Jim Whitehurst to my CEO “watch and learn” list:

The quotes were plucked from “Management Tips From Red Hat’s Crazy Culture Every Company Should Steal”.

Watch And Learn List

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment

After watching Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst talk about “cultivating trust” in this refreshing 5 minute MIX video, I put him on my “watch and learn list“. Here are some priceless sound bytes from Jim’s passionate schpeel:

  • You truly have to have no consequences.
  • Says easy, does hard.
  • The biggest insult is to have somebody throw out a comment or idea, and have nobody respond to it.
  • Meritocracy does not equal democracy.
  • Being called an idiot is not a bad thing. I encourage it and I celebrate it.
  • If the senior leadership team isn’t posting on the site, isn’t responding to comments that are being made, then it’s nothing more than an “HR program“.

So, who’s on your watch and learn list?

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