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Three Ways

February 18, 2011 2 comments

Oh crap! If you think my Rush Limbaugh-like, anti-hierarchical rants are over the top now, they may get “worse” moving forward. I just discovered a small, academic publisher in the U.K. that solely publishes books on alternatives to hierarchical org structures: Triarchy Press. Since books like these are either burned, shunned, or ignored by those they are intended to help, I hope they don’t go out of business.

Have you even ever heard of the “heterarchy” or “autonomous responsibility” alternatives to the hierarchy beast? If not, it shows how firmly entrenched the hierarchical mindset is in most people’s psyches, no?

In one of Triarchy Press’s flagship books, “The Three Ways Of Getting Things Done“, author Gerard Fairtlough postulates that some magic combo of the three legs of triarchy is the most economically efficient and socially redeeming way of achieving org goals.

Hierarchy is so entrenched that a complete replacement, if it does prove desirable, will take centuries. – Gerard Fairtlough

Hierarchy will never go away. Never! – Tom Peters

Exit = Treason, Voice = Mutiny

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

In “Three Ways Of Getting Things Done” (hierarchy, heterarchy, autonomous responsibility), Shell chemicals ex-CEO and Celltech founder Gerard Fairtlough defines the only two ways that subordinates can take action against hierarchies as: exit and voice. Of course, the 2000 year old dictatorial mindset that’s firmly cemented into corpo CGHs everywhere always unconditionally interprets DICster exits as treason and DICster-voiced opinions that counter hierarch-imposed policy, mutiny. The reason: the paternal self-perception of infallibility. If you think you’re perfect, “they” must be traitors and mutineers, no?

In times of institutional stability, when the DIC exit rate is low and the frequency of counter-voice is low, subordinate exits and counter-voices are ignored by the self-proclaimed best and brightest. When the exit and voice rates rise high enough so that their corrosive effects on the corpricracy can’t be ignored any longer, the treason/mutiny interpretation auto-kicks in as a self-medicating defense mechanism – and it’s back to business as usual. Even when the base of the pyramid becomes a hollow and voiceless shell incapable of feeding the ravenous fat cats up the chain of infallibility with spiritual adoration and material wealth, it’s……. still business as usual. In fact, it’s always business as usual until external forces inevitably and surely cause it to become unusual.

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