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Brain-Bustingly Hard

June 9, 2012 2 comments

Unsettlingly, I admire the cross-disciplinary work of William L. Livingston because:

  • It’s difficult to place into a nice and tidy category (systems thinking? social science? philosophy?).
  • It resonates with “something” inside me but it’s brain-bustingly hard to absorb, understand, and re-communicate.
  • The breadth of his vocabulary is astonishing.
  • He doesn’t give a shit about becoming rich and famous.
  • He digs up quotes/paragraphs from obscure, but insightful “mentors” from the past.

As the boxes below (plucked from the D4P4D) show, Gustave Le Bon is one of those insightful mentors, no?

A lot of Mr. Le Bon’s work is available for free online at project Gutenberg.

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