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The Universal Process Of Personal Experience

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday’s post revealed to the world the static structure of the system in our head that brings personal experience to life. In the scoop of a lifetime (Geraldo Rivera eat your heart out), the system elements (mind, ego, thoughts, feelings) and the relationships between them were unmasked and exposed for all to marvel at. Woot!

Today, on the day we camp out at the feed trough and give thanks, we’ll explore the mysterious dynamics involved in this system design from the divine. Lo and behold… the universal process that creates personal experience from nothingness:

Via a yet undiscovered secret global WiMax communication system that uses quantum tunneling for zero latency source-to-sink transmission, impersonal thoughts (conjured up in the sole Thought Factory located in China) are manufactured and coupled to the ether. The mechanistic brain then serves as a receiver of thoughts and the source of fuel for the personal Ego.

Next up in the zero latency pipeline is the Ego (a.k.a the “little” me). The Ego analyzes, interprets, gives meaning to, and binds feelings to each received thought that it decides to accept. These “I” thoughts are then injected into the Mind and, voila, personal experience is manifest!

So that’s it folks. Rejoice! You don’t have to go to church anymore and you can call off the search for enlightenment . By using BD00 as a conduit from the unknown to the known, the universe has revealed all.

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