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Fellow Tribe Members

April 1, 2012 2 comments

Being a somewhat skeptical evaluator of conventional wisdom myself, I always enjoy promoting heretical ideas shared by unknown members of my “tribe“. Doug Rosenberg and Matt Stephens are two such tribe members.

Waaaay back, when the agile process revolution against linear, waterfall process thinking was ignited via the signing of the agile manifesto, the eXtreme Programming (XP) agile process burst onto the scene as the latest overhyped silver bullet in the software “engineering” community. While a religious cult that idolized the infallible XP process was growing exponentially in the wake of its introduction, Doug and Matt hatched “Extreme Programming Refactored: The Case Against XP“. The book was a deliciously caustic critique of the beloved process. Of course, Matt and Doug were showered with scorn and hate by the XP priesthood as soon as the book rolled off the presses.

Well, Doug and Matt are back for their second act with the delightful “Design Driven Testing: Test Smarter, Not Harder“. This time, the duo from hell pokes holes in the revered TDD (Test Driven Design) approach to software design – which yet again triggered the rise of another new religion in the software community; or should I say “commune“.

BD00’s hat goes off to you guys. Keep up the good work! Maybe your next work should be titled “Lowerarchy Design: The Case Against Hierarchy“.

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