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The Real Problem

March 29, 2016 2 comments

People’s knickers are all bunched up over which operational state the US will transition into in November:

US States

Well, screw that. Here is what people should really be fussing about.

US Debt

The Big 6 Club

July 30, 2015 2 comments

In a caustic, Bulldozarian-like rant, Chris Matyszczyk lists “The 6 Worst Things You Can Call Yourself On LinkedIn” as:


Amen Chris.

If someone is so into himself that he has to publicize himself as such, and you’re considering bringing him in for an interview, then your borg is either on the cusp of going down the crapper or you are already in the crapper and you’re irrationally praying for a messiah to raise you from the dead.

Can you picture yourself working for, or with, someone who actually believes he is a member of the big 6 club? Well, since it seems like quite a few people want the character below to become the next POTUS, I guess some people can… big six

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What’s REALLY Required

An understanding and application of  “Systems Thinking” are pre-requisites to effective leadership in any large socio-technical group endeavor. Since business schools and pundits teach so-called business skills in disconnected, specialized, fragmented chunks and the primary component of systems thinking is the opposite of this classically entrenched Descartesian way of thinking, effective large scale leadership is nowhere to be found except in rare, small pockets of brilliance.

Systems thinking employs analytical thinking as a subordinate to its opposite – synthetic thinking. Since most (the vast majority of?) elite execs intentionally fragment their time to match their thinking style and they don’t know how to synthesize anything but an inflated and infallible image of themselves, they’re eternally stuck in the quagmire of one dimensional analytical thinking without a clue. But hey, ya gotta give them credit for knowing how to stuff their pockets with greenbacks.

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