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DYSCO Dancer

November 25, 2010 Leave a comment

The figure below shows the top three levels of an N level textbook corparchy. Virtually all corpo monarchs present some visual camouflage like this to model their beloved corpricracy. The massive illusions that a diagram like this intends to project are:

  • an orderly flow of timely, accurate status information upward;
  • intelligent direction and guidance downward;
  • cooperative collaboration both sideways and diagonally;
  • a paragon of efficiency and excellence for all external and (especially) internal observers to embrace without inquiry.

Now, splash some cold water on your face and observe an example of a pseudo-realistic model of a typical DYSCO dance:

If you’ve inferred that the lightning bolt connections represent clever, but antagonistic and counterproductive relationships between rival DYSCO dancing factions, then you’d be right.

Some of my friends(?) have told me that I’m an elite DYSCO dancer. Are you?

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