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Skepticism, Cynicism, Transparency, Openness

May 19, 2012 2 comments

Much as reassurance is the antidote to insecurity, transparency and openness are the antidotes to skepticism and cynicism. Surgical strikes on cynics and skeptics only exacerbate the problem by creating a new batch of more deeply embedded bretheren who fly below the corpo radar. Because of their formless and distributive natures, ya can’t just “shout it out” or spray WD-40 on the stifling rust that keeps skepticism and cynicism firmly¬† in place.

The best large scale example I can cite for the trumping of skepticism/cynicism by courageous transparency/openness is the HCL Technologies transformation as told by CEO Vineet Nayar in his book “Employees First, Customers Second“. The HCL story is amazing because once unbridled skepticism and cynicism seep into the fabric of an org, it takes an act of god to clean the laundry. Mr. Nayar and crew must have consulted with god because they pulled it off at a huge company filled with the most hard core skeptics and cynics known to man – freakin’ engineers.

The fastest ways to bankruptcy are wine, women, gambling, and (cynical and skeptical) engineers. – Unknown

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