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April 10, 2013 Leave a comment

The figure below shows a layered view of the latest distributed system product that I’m working on. Customer teams compose their applications by writing their own system-specific Crumbs and linking them with our pre-written, pre-tested Crumbs. In the ideal case, customers don’t have to write a single line of Crumb code. They simply compose, compile, link, configure, and deploy an amalgamation of our off-the-shelf Crumbs as a set of application components that meets their needs.

Note that we are using C++11 to build the system. Also note the third party, open source libraries that we are building upon. Except for Poco, Crumb developers don’t directly use the OpenDDS or ACE/TAO APIs. Our Crumb “Tray” serves as a wrapper/facade that hides the complexity those inter-process communication facilities.

My role on the development team is as a Libs team “Crumb” designer/writer. If I gave you anymore product views or disclosed anything more concrete, then I’d either get fired or I’d have to kill you, or both.

What are you currently working on?

Our Stack

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