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The Experiences Of Others

October 23, 2012 2 comments

When you think “differently” about the world than the majority, there’s a tendency to start feeling isolated and alone. Such is the power of authority and peer pressure to impose thought conformance to the prevailing world view.

When you encounter others, either in person or more likely in prose, whose “different” thoughts overlap with yours, a sense of kinship and belonging, which all human beings crave, blossoms.

Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform. – Mark Twain

One of the main reasons I read a lot of non-fictions books and articles is because I love to discover and learn through the direct experiences of others. Because of the constraints imposed by the limits of physical space and time, I cannot do and directly experience everything in all the areas that interest and impact me. Thus, I rely on the written expressions of others to feed my thirst for knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. To do otherwise would be to live life in a closed bubble, devoid of richness and variety.

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