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The Point Of No Return

July 20, 2013 7 comments

As part of learning the new feature set in C++11, I stumbled upon the weird syntax for the new “attribute” feature: [[ ]]. One of these new C++11 attributes is [[noreturn]].

The [[noreturn]] attribute tells the compiler that the function you are writing will not return control of execution back to its caller – ever. For example, this function will generate a compiler warning or error because even though it returns no value, it does return execution control back to its caller:

nr error

nr compile error

The following functions, however, will compile cleanly:


Using [[noreturn]] enables compiler writers to perform optimizations that would otherwise not be available without the attribute. For example, it can silently (but correctly) eliminate the unreachable call to fnReturns() in this snippet:

Exec Expired

Note: I used the Coliru interactive online C++ IDE to experiment with the [[noreturn]] attribute. It’s perfect for running quick and dirty learning experiments like this.

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