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Relentless Assault

May 9, 2012 2 comments

Microsoft’s Herb Sutter is a whirling dervish. Since the ISO approval of the C++11 standard last fall, he’s been on a crusade to promote C++ via several comparative assaults on Java and Microsoft’s own C#.

Herb’s latest blitzkrieg occurred at the 2012 conference (video link, slides link). In this slide, Herb summarizes some of the C++11 features that close the productivity and safety gap relative to C# and Java.

In this next slide, Herb contrasts C++11’s adherence to its more open “trust the programmer” philosophy against the more closed “we know what’s good for you” C#/Java philosophy.

Unless the large movement of business applications to the cloud is the latest fad du jour, the following two slides show that the largest software development and maintenance costs will shift from labor to compute efficiency. Thus, it doesn’t matter how programmer friendly your language is and how low the salaries you pay are, you might find that your costs are going up because of power drain in massive data centers and time spent frantically optimizing VM-based code that’s relatively slower and bigger.

In closing, Herb, the nice guy that he is, backs off a bit with this “the right tool for the right job” slide:

Is Herb stretching the truth and exaggerating the improvements offered up by C++11? The fact that I wrote this post obviously means that I don’t. What about you, dear reader? What say you?

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