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Please Help Me With The Narrative

May 24, 2014 4 comments

This is another one of those BD00 posts where the dorky picture effortlessly drew itself, but an accompanying, plausible narrative did not reveal itself. These word clusters came to mind during the chaotic process of creation, but I gave up attempting to iteratively structure and weave them together into anything semi-sane: “role distinction“, “bottom-up vs. top-down evolution“, “dumb, uniform components vs smart, diverse components“, “enduring vs. fragile foundation“, “excessive control“, “caste system“.

What words come to mind when you peruse the picture? Can can you fuse a story line with the picture? Please help me with the narrative, dear reader. Secrete your creative hormones on the problem at hand. Revel in the possibility of making sense out of nonsense. Like Elton John’s music goes with Bernie Taupin’s words, we can have your words go with BD00’s dorky picture.


Of course, like the one or two other posts similar to this that I’ve hatched in the past, I don’t expect any takers.

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