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I’ll Take The Necrosis, Please!

Each of my last two brain MRI scans indicated some small growth in one of my brain tumor sites. Thankfully, the encroaching Emperor’s orc breeding ground is not the tumor site that has been wreaking havoc on my right leg for 6 years. I’ll have much more to say about my leg fiasco in a subsequent rage-post.

Because of the two successive growths, my neurosurgeon ordered a PET/CT scan of my brain to determine if the tumor tissue had resumed its inexorable growth, or whether the tissue expansion is from radiation-induced necrosis. He said he suspected the tissue to be cancerous because of the images he saw via the MRIs.

PET/CT scans measure how much “sugar” is being consumed in various parts of the body. Ravenous tumors show up as bright areas on the scan where there shouldn’t be any. Here is the report from my scan….

Thankfully, my neurosurgeon’s instinct was wrong in this case. The cause of growth was due to radiation-induced necrosis, not because of the Orc army’s continuous murderous assaults on my physical being, i.e., tumor growth. Hallelujer for necrosis!

Even though the brute-force Orc battalions are being continuously beaten back by my trusty Opdivo infusions, the dastardly clever EOAM is always diligently working upstairs, in the abstract, ensuring to insert plenty of heavy, negative, fearful, anxious thoughts in my mind whenever he can. Fortunately, reading the PET/CT scan report cleaned house upstairs and allowed lighter, more positive, hopeful thoughts to fill the void in my mind.

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