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Rules Without Rulers II

After I painted my “Rules Without Rulers” Picasso in the previous post, I stood back and reveled over the final product. Then, I experienced an unexpected communication from my creation. She whispered in my ear that something was amiss, but then she abruptly stopped speaking. She left it to the student, me, to figure out what was amiss. Hmm, I thought… interesting. Then, the words “add another layer” crossed the cavern from the formless into form and instantaneously appeared within my ringing+dizzy+stoned head (my pesky, hemorrhaging, brain lesions are leaking again!).

Being a hard-core admirer of the power of abstraction to pierce the armor of complexity, increase clarity, and catalyze understanding of something weird like “How Can There Be Rules without Rulers?”, I immediately determined that my lovely meant “another layer of abstraction“. So, here’s my encore painting showing how two examples of “rules without rulers” cross the chasm from the spiritual to the physical realm.

The intent is to postulate the path from energy -> thought -> words(code). The updated picture shows that Moses and Satoshi were animated by a universal life force from a mysterious layer “above them“, which represents a higher power of your choice (Yahweh, Allah, Gaiea, Tao, Zeus, etc.) Thus, they were lucky conduits to two world-changing ideas birthed for man, from no-man.

How’s that for another serving of BS from BD00?

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