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Bitcoin Volatility? What Volatility?

Besides the same old, same old, “Bitcoin is boiling the oceans!” scare tactic, another common theme employed by anti-bitcoiners to scare people away from embracing Bitcoin as a Store of Value (SoV) is the old “unlike gold, it’s too volatile to be worthy as an SoV!“.

But wait, nothing is as it seems! Check out this graph of gold’s price volatility during the hyperinflation-ization of Weimar Germany before and after WWI.

Compare the period between 1914-1917, when there was essentially no volatility in the price of gold, to the war and post war years.

Overwhelmed by massive reparation payments imposed upon Germany by the avenging countries after the war ended, the purchasing power of German fiat went hyperbolically to zero as the country frantically tried to pay off its debt by printing fiat with reckless abandon. As expected by esteemed scholars like BD00, German hyperinflation then raged exponentially, destroyed the country, and catalyzed the subsequent rise of Hitler. Naturally, the price of gold took off as the German people rushed to exchange their increasingly useless paper for shiny rocks. But it surely wasn’t a smooth ride on the way up. It was a wild ass rollercoaster ride of massive volatility as the graph above shows.

So, if you believe this poorly researched BD00 post, Bitcoin’s current volatility does not disqualify it as an SoV. What makes Bitcoin the greatest SoV ever invented/discovered is the superiority of its monetary attributes as compared to gold and all other forms of so-called “hard” money.

Post post note : I finished this dumbass post just as an “edible” was starting to kick in. Since I can’t attribute the errors and mistakes herein to being psychotropically inebriated (aka “stoned”), I hereby attribute them to the chronically hemorrhaging lesions inside my brain.

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