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Creatively Destructed Out Of Existence

It seems like the anti-Bitcoin argument with the most traction these days is the network’s massive consumption of carbon-based coal/oil/gas generated electricity required to mine the unforgeable scarcity that is Bitcoin. It’s the “boil the oceans” theory. The best counter-argument (other than it takes more energy worldwide to mine/refine/transport/secure gold) to date is that Bitcoin miners are continuously searching for the lowest cost electricity in order to maximize their profits, and that search will catalyze the move to clean energy.

Since the laws of physics limit the distance over which electricity can be reliably transported, Bitcoin miners who want to stay in business set up shop as close to electricity-generating sites as possible. Unlike a city, which is geographically spread out and requires expensive infrastructure to reliably dispense electrical power (just ask Texas), a Bitcoin mining farm is physically concentrated and can be easily mobilized if designed correctly. Plus, in order to avoid pumping the price of precious electricity by competing with city consumers, Bitcoin mining farms tend to migrate to remote areas displaced from large populations.

Perhaps the biggest plus for Bitcoin’s increasing acceptance and adoption is that with carbon taxes raising the price of fossil fuels due to the human race becoming more woke to the threat of CO2-based climate change, the king of crypto is incentivizing astute nations and energy companies to minimize the price of their competing renewable Solar/Hydro/Wind energy systems.

Make no mistake, since Bitcoin ain’t goin’ away any time soon, there will be big $$$ winners and losers in the brave new Bitcoin world. Those dumbass countries (like India) and poorly run energy companies who don’t get their acts together quickly, and who don’t put a big r/wallstreetbets squeeze on the extraction of fossil fuels from mother nature, should follow the architecture roadmap below. Otherwise they will be creatively destructed out of existence.

Let’s go horizontal and zero in on the dirty players just to drive the point home to the “Bitcoin will boil the oceans!” Klan of Karens who troll the social media sites. It’s up to the student to determine the “now” and “then” dates of the vanishing.

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  1. April 12, 2021 at 8:56 am

    Man, you left out nuclear! We can mine bitcoin forever (or until it runs out, I guess) with nuclear power!

    • April 12, 2021 at 8:58 am

      D’oh! Great point. It’s a typical BD00 post: lazily “researched” and pulled out of his ass. 😜

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