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Pssst! Ya Wanna Buy Some Dex?

It’s been widely reported in recent medical studies that dexamethasone is effective in the treatment of COVID-19. “Dex”, as I fondly call it in honor of my fave TV serial killer, Dexter Morgan, is a common, low-cost, steroid that suppresses inflammation in the body.

Having said that, do you wanna buy some black market dex? If so, then I’m your drug man. Ya see, I’ve been on and off dex ever since they found 3 metastatic brain tumors in my dirty brain over 3 years ago. I use dex to fight “flareups” in my brain where I get lightheaded and my off-kilter balance makes me feel like an unstable tower swaying in the wind. Strangely, when I’m feeling dizzy, it’s easier to walk than to stand still.

I’ve got dex in 4, 1, and .5 mg dosages for you. If you order before midnight tonight, I’ll give you a 10% discount and 5% off of future orders. I’ll even barter with you in exchange for cannabis edibles or bitcoin if you’re low on cash. 😜😂

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