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The Starkest Reminder

As a cancer patient with a terminal diagnosis, I’d be thrilled if my perception of time sloooowed waaay down so that I can hitch a ride on the present moment more often.

While floating along in the gentle embrace of the present moment, my five senses get continuously replenished with the joyful sensations of physical life. The metaphorical distance between each of my senses and the spatially disperse, universal energy that powers all life collapses to zero. I feel directly coupled to life itself. 👍👏👏

On the other hand, the starkest reminder to me that time is whooshing by way too fast is the following empty pill box…

Every time I see this horror show unfold once a week, I feel like I just refilled the compartments the fuckin’ day before! I experience a brief moment of terror as I realize once again that my life will likely be coming to an end much sooner than I’d like. But not today, ‘lizbeth!

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