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Rigged To Blow!

Yesterday, I met with my “Recurrent And Metastatic CAncer Group” (RAMCAG). It was a sad meeting because there were three anxious, shell-shocked, newly diagnosed, comrades in attendance. However, I think they were in much better spirits after they left than when they entered because they were relieved to see so many multi-year survivors in their midst. The longest surviving group member, who has battled 2 different cancers over the years, has 17 years under his belt!

Today, I visited my radiologist and a new specialist – a “stroke neurologist“. The visit to my radiologist was a follow up to my 10 “hot” dates with Burnadette Radner. It was basically a “we won’t know how well the radiation worked on your two enlarged lymph nodes until your next scheduled CT scan” conversation.

My new stroke neurologist seems doggone determined to find the source of the clot that caused my stroke last month. Since neither an angiogram of my neck arteries nor an echo-cardiogram of my heart indicated any buildup of plaque, he had me immediately rigged with a Cardio Event Monitor system (see below). I have to wear that sucker for a whole month, except in the shower 🙂 The good thing is that I don’t have to stay stationary for the whole time. And no, there isn’t any dynamite strapped to my back so please don’t call the FBI on me.


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