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Advice That Transcends Time

Please take a moment to temporarily push all you’ve learned about large-system software development on the stack in your brain and imbibe some timeless advice from this thoughtful, 1992, NASA report: “Recommended Approach To Software Development“:


Ok, now that you’re done processing what you’ve just seen, you can pop the stack.


  1. Glen ALLEMAN
    September 10, 2016 at 8:11 am

    Oh no, that’s just how you old fuddy duddies build software, we modern people just start coding and we’ll see what comes out as we go. Planning is a waste, no need, nor not possible to estimate when we’ll be done, how much it will cost, or what you’ll get when we run out of money. Can’t possibly commit to your false and unnecessary deadlines.
    You’re just trying to control our creative instincts, we need to be not only self-organizing, but also self-directed, self managed, and most of all self actualized by our complete autonomy for your ancient governance processes, that have failed to produce on environment which meets my personal needs to be unbound to maximize my creativity.

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