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A Croc O’ Crap

As a software developer, the idea of #noestimates was really appealing to me. I sooo wanted to be convinced of its applicability across the whole landscape. Thus, I originally was on board with, and rooting for, the fledgling movement. However, it’s hard for me to take the #noestimates community seriously when one of its top advocates slams a croc o’ crap like this down on the dinner table.



From what I’ve seen and heard over 2+ years of heated Twitter debates, the case for jettisoning the practice of estimation from the software development life cycle is still so intellectually weak that I consider it a waste of energy whenever I find myself getting sucked into the fray. Now when I scroll through my twitter feed and stumble across yet another vitriolic exchange on the subject, I cross my fingers and pray that I make it past the spew without adding my own crap to the gobbledygook.

  1. April 24, 2016 at 11:17 am

    I still like no estimates until you get to the unit of work. But that is what scrum and agile are for. To get the current estimate updated daily.

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