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Too Good To Die

On the one hand, the Bitcoin community thinks it doesn’t matter who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is. On the other hand, the less-informed press seems to think it does matter.

To the Bitcoin community, Bitcoin has come of age and has passed the threshold where it requires a creator to nurture its growth. The community is large enough and smart enough to move the technology forward without the real Satoshi directing the show.

To the press, the speculation that one Bitcoin address on the blockchain attributed to the real Satoshi has over 1 million BTC attached to it means that it does matter. The logic is that if those 1 million BTC are sold in a short period of time, the BTC price will collapse.

After assessing all the evidence to date, I (like most of the BTC community) don’t believe Aussie Craig Wright is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Even if Mr. Wright is the real deal, I’m with the BTC community on the opinion that it doesn’t matter.

I don’t care if Mr. Wright is the real Satoshi and sells all of his 1 million BTC on the open market in one transaction. Sure, the sale would tank the price, but like it has done after the forceful Silk Road web site closure and the Mt. Gox implosion, Bitcoin will bounce back and inexorably continue to rise in price and slowly infiltrate the mainstream. Bitcoin is anti-fragile because it is simply too good for humanity to die anytime soon – if ever. BUT, as always, I could be wrong and I’m prepared to lose my Bitcoin investment in its entirety.


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