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The Blockchain Without The Bitcoin

If you read the financial press, you’ll see a lot of mentions of “blockchain technology” without any mention of Bitcoin. That’s because your friendly banksta (you know, the one who: almost blew up the world in 2008, never went to jail, and was bailed out with your and my money) wants the blockchain without the Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is an existential threat to the banking mafioso, but blockchain technology without the Bitcoin can save the Bankstas tons of money by allowing them to fire lots of accounting employees. Of course, if the Bankstas succeed in incorporating blockchain technology into their operations, dollars-to-donuts says they won’t pass on the cost savings to you and me; they’ll just write bigger bonus checks to themselves and their myriad of vice-presidents. Trickle down economics never worked before, and it won’t work now.

Which system do you think is better for average Joe’s like you and me: one with a decentralized, publicly scrutable blockchain, or the Banksta’s alternative; a proprietary blockchain hidden behind a centralized “just trust me” coalition of fee-obsessed banks?


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