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Sprint 0 Starts Today!

With Fat Tuesday falling on March 4, Mardi Gras 2014 is coming up fast. Since BD00 will soon be making the trek down south to the world’s greatest party again this year, he downloaded the Mardi Gras Parade Tracker to keep on top of the situation. Think of the app as the greatest burndown chart ever concocted; providing 24X7 real-time progress updates to Scrum Master BD00 of each agile krewe’s progress from inception to final delivery.

parade tracker

After downloading the app, BD00 scrolled through the parade list and counted no less than 50(!) time-boxed parades on the product backlog. Sprint 0 starts….. TO-FREAKIN’-DAY, February 15th, with the Krewe du Vieux kickoff. BD00 can’t wait to ask the last of the big 3 Scrum questions (you know, the one nobody normally likes to ask or answer): “Are there any obstacles preventing you from creating business value?


If you, dear reader, will be down in the ‘Nawlins French quarter between the dates of 2/28 through 3/4, tweet me with a “Who Dat?” when you rumble into town. We’ll hookup somewhere and the first Hurricane will be on BD00. If not, then check my twitter feed ‘tween those dates for some wholesome, uh, family-oriented pix of the festivities as they unfold.


It would be especially great to meet and interact with those reader(s) who strongly take issue with much of what BD00 writes in this mostly caustic blog, because:

I don’t like that man, I must get to know him better – Abraham Lincoln

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