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Management Idiots And Programming Idioms

In TC++PL, Bjarne Stroustrup introduces the concept of a class hierarchy with this simple business world example:

BS Class Hierarchy

Temporary and Employee base class “objects” get paid by the company to do work that directly creates value. Manager objects inherit an Employee’s responsibilities and encapsulate new, manager-specific, behaviors; like monitoring/commanding/reprimanding non-manager Employees, Temps, and Assistants. Proceeding down the inheritance tree on the right, a Director object inherits the behaviors of both the Manager and Employee classes while adding new “directorial” behaviors.

When BD00 saw Bjarne’s inheritance tree example, he said to himself “Dude, you got it wrong. If you wanted to model the real world, here’s what you shoulda presented“:

BD00 Class Hierarchy

It woulda added a touch of edgy humor to the book, dontcha think?

When I write my first programming book, I’m gonna have diagrams like that and code fragments like this in it:

Access Convenience

I’m thinking of hatching a kickstarter.com project and titling the hybrid book something like “Management Idiots And Programming Idioms“. What would you name it, and would you buy it?


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