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Ill Equipped And Discounted

In a 2012 slideshare deck that built a case for a hostile takeover of Blackberry maker RIM (Research In Motion), venture capitalist Robin Chan hoisted this foil of the smugly smiling C-level dudes running the show at DIM (Disaster In Motion):

Ill Equipped

To add insult to injury, Mr. Chan writes:

Mgmnt discount

D’oh! C-Level infallibles don’t like being characterized as “ill equipped” and “discounted“. However, fear not for the dissed DIMwit royalty. Since DIM recently announced plans to frantically find a buyer for their struggling business, these execs will make out just fine. The golden parachutes will be doled out, they’ll hop on a plane to their next destination, glide right into the C-suites at their next gigs, and have their smiling picture taken for the next annual report. Who sez performance matters?

phone market share

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