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Uncle Fester

I just finished browsing through some of the 130 draft posts I have stashed down in the catacombs of my WordPress site.

Too Many DraftsMost of these zombies, seeded with partially formed ideas rooted in a mix of direct personal experiences and wild speculations (exactly like my published posts), won’t ever see the light of day. Unlike my published posts, I couldn’t close the deal on these pesky little drafts – even after circling back to them sometimes 3-4 times.

Three Drafts

Since I have drafts that date way back to 2009, I should prolly sh*tcan at least the dinosaurs hatched before 2010.

oldest drafts

Maybe I will indeed go on a draft killing spree, but maybe not. I just may let my little draftlings continue to fester down in the dungeons a bit longer. Who knows, the next time I go mining for ideas for my next world-changing post, one of these fugly ducklings may convince me to finish what I started and bring it to life.

uncle fester

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