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Resistance And Lack

In “FAA’s air traffic modernization efforts face obstacles”, the US Transportation Department‘s Inspector General (IG) stated this finding:

“The FAA’s culture was resistant to the type of significant change needed to achieve NextGen and lacked a sense of urgency.”

Yawn. A culture resistant to change and lacking a sense of urgency? WTF and LOL. That can be said for just about any behemoth public or private org in the world. Resistance and lack are baked-in behaviors of people ensconced in hierarchically structured command-and-control systems where politics rule the roost and merit goes unacknowledged (except in management circles).

You gotta love the job of “Inspector General“. These dudes aren’t expected to create any value and they get to trash struggling taxpayer-funded projects in front of congress. Just think about it. If they don’t piss all over the projects they “inspect“, then they would be perceived as not doing their job. Me thinks the job of IG could be perfect for BD00 if he wasn’t so enamored with software development.

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