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Usain Taylor

Since I love zombie movies, I recently watched the 3D version of “World War Z“. Similar to the brilliantly made28 days Later” and “28 Months later” movies, the zombie dudes in WWZ are fast movers – undead versions of Usain Bolt with the tackling expertise of Lawrence Taylor and the chomping skill of Dracula.

Fast Zombie

I think this new twist on the zombie genre makes these movies much more exciting and suspenseful. You never freakin’ know when Usain Taylor is gonna explode out of nowhere and take a Shylockian pound of flesh out of your gut/butt/face/neck/arm/leg.

George Romero, who directed the most famous and beloved zombie movie ever made, “The Night Of The Living Dead“, doesn’t like the cinematic transition from lumbering hunks to agile bullets:

If zombies are dead, how can they move fast? – George Romero

Geez George. If you’re gonna bring logic into play, then:

If zombies are dead, how can they move at all? – BZ00


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