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Successfully Pulling Off A “Snowden”

BD00 just finished reading this FastCompany.com article: How To Whistleblow Like Edward Snowden Without Blowing Your Career”.

After reading the lame suggestions on how to successfully pull off a “Snowden” without getting your head chopped off, BD00 laughed his arse off when he spied the last sentence in the treatise:

Courts rarely side with whistle-blowers, despite considerable legal changes to aid the ethical ones.

That one single sentence trumped all the other sage advice previously proffered forth.  To generalize further and make the factful quote scarier, simply replace the word “Courts” with “Those in authority“. And yes, this most likely includes the chain of command at your org, starting with your boss and moving upward.

Unless you harbor the insane delusion of becoming the next Erin Brockovich, BD00 recommends a STFU policy for all you disloyal ingrates out there.

You are assuming that the recipient of your information knows how to handle it in a way that doesn’t burn you – rarely is that the case.

Hammer STFU

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