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On my current project, we’re joyfully using C++11 to write our computationally-dense target processing software. We’ve found that std::shared_ptr and std::unique_ptr are extremely useful classes for avoiding dreaded memory leaks. However, I find it mildly irritating that there is no std::make_unique to complement std::make_shared. It’s great that std::make_unique will be included in the C++14 standard, but whenever we use a std::unique_ptr we gotta include a fugly “new” in our C++11 code until then:

uniform init

But wait! I stumbled across this helpful Herb Sutter slide:


A variadic function template that uses perfect forwarding. It’s outta my league, but….. Whoo Hoo! I’m gonna add this sucker to our platform library and start using it ASAP.

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