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Hyped And Valueless

In “Major Software Development Trends for 2013”, the editors of InfoQ asked its readers to rank several software development trends in terms of their “adoption readiness” and the “value proposition” they offer. As you can see below, the 623 voters (so far) think that “the resurgence of C++” is the least valuable and least adoptable among the 16 listed trends.

InfoQ Poll

My take, and I fully admit to being totally biased for C++11, is that the vast majority of voters are web, mobile, or IT business application developers. They don’t develop real-time and/or safety-critical systems where C and C++ excel. Hell, just looking at the list of trends, you can tell that they are all geared toward web/mobile/IT applications. But that makes sense because the market for those types of apps dwarfs all others and that’s what’s driving the relentless innovation that keeps the software industry fresh, new, and brutally exciting.

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