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The Yearning For Autonomy

Since they generally increase operating costs, trigger “it’s not my job” myopia, and encourage us-vs-them friction, I’m not a fan of unions. Nevertheless, I found this article on TechCrunch.com amusingly interesting: “Want To Unionize Developers? Focus On Workplace Democracy”. This passage caught my eye and triggered a chuckle:

Developers want autonomy. They don’t want to be jerked around by stupid managers who impose unrealistic deadlines, make impossible promises to clients and just generally disrespect their employees. Historically developers have had two options for dealing with bad management: find a better job or found a startup. But worker self-management would offer a third options — give the developers control over their own work.

Alas, those managers that are stupid don’t know they’re stupid and those employees who are disrespected don’t know they’re disrespected. Between: 1) these two BD00 made-up facts; 2) management’s fear of loss of control and stature; 3) the declining reputation of unionization over the years – don’t expect the idea of software developer unions to take hold soon; if ever.

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