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Shifting The Burden

In a capitalist society, borgs that ship crap to their customers go out of business sooner or later:

In a corpo-socialist society, big, arrogant, and self-important borgs that ship crap to their customers get bailed out by both customers and non-customers in the form of taxpayer-financed government bailouts:

Note the feedback loop in action: crap -> customer -> money -> US Gov -> money -> to borg -> crap -> customer. It reminds me of  the “shifting the burden” system archetype presented by Peter Senge in his classic book  “The Fifth Discipline“. In corpo-socialist societies, the burden of staying in business is shifted from the borg itself to the American people. So much for the ideal of being responsible and accountable for your own success. It applies to individuals and small companies, but not to corpo behemoths.

  1. May 19, 2012 at 9:09 am

    You are making a good point here Bulldozer in my view. However, I believe that your characterization of socialism here is far too sweeping. There are certainly some mixed economies that have elements of socialism in them, and that sick dependencies reflecting the shift the burden archetype are nurtured in these circumstances occur in them… but it is not an intrinsic aspect of various versions (proposed but not necessarily implemented) of all socialism… check out eco-socialism for example.

    This “shifting the burden” sickness is built into the enormous subsidies given in capitalist circumstances to oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical and agribusiness corporations in the name of the charade of creating jobs, is far worse in my view. It even affects the medical system, where sick burden dependencies keep feeding well-meaning organizations sustaining the status quo rather than seeing the light of day of what they are actually achieving.

    I would raise the privatization and unionization of the prison system as another really sick dependency burden, and could go on and on with this… but there is little appetite in political quarters for systems understanding of the mess our modern world has become.

    • May 19, 2012 at 11:30 am

      Yepp, well said. Thanks for the input.

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