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Approval Barriers

All business advice is founded on the core principle of  “delighting the customer“.  However, not all customers are created equal. Most mainstream business advice seems to  “assume” that the “customer” is an individual point source payer and user of the product/service.

However, the really big bux business deals occur between social systems of orgs where it’s hard to discern the payer(s) from the actual product end user(s). The seller has to navigate through the customer’s org to influence the right payers and users.

When the end user is some struggling group deeply nested within a behemoth command and control structure (like the US government or a Fortune 500 company), the system is setup for all kinds of mischief to occur. The gauntlet of approval barriers erected by bureaucrats and disinterested little Hitlers in the customer org often makes it impossible to get the right problem solving product into the hands of the problem holders. Tis what it is.

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  1. May 16, 2012 at 3:01 am

    See “Dirty Little Secrets” by Sharon Drew Morgen for one possible solution to this. #book #recommended

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