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Quality Living

It’s one thing to have a high falutin’ written quality policy (and it’s standard fare for all commercial enterprises to have one enshrined in magnets, buttons, key chains, and strategically placed posters), but it’s another thing to live it. If DICsters joke about the “quality” policy frequently and managers never utter the word “quality” during the real-time execution of projects, then neither side is living it, no?

How could you know whether your company is living up to your quality policy? Do your customers and users frequently tell you – unsolicited? Do your earned value metrics tell you? Are your people unabashedly and vocally proud of what they build?

Thank god that at most companies, the management group is a true champion of quality and those “few” trench dwellers who cynically joke about it are simply deemed as a handful of miserable and disgruntled blokes who must be marginalized or ex-communicated.

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