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More Bureaucratic Than A Bureau

Tsukasa Makino is one of the Harvard Business Review/McKinsey “Beyond Bureaucracy Challenge” winners. In “From bureaucratic, divided, passive, and exhausted to productive, creative, autonomous, and happy company”, Tsukasa tells the transformational story of Tokio Marine Nichido Systems (TMNS) from a classic, robotic, unhealthy borg into a vibrant community.

In 2005, Hideki Iwai, a system engineer, proposed a corporate culture assessment by an outside consulting firm. Management “approved” of the idea and here was the bottom line:


Taking the bull by the horns, Hideki formed the “Work Style Reform committee” to change the culture. Despite being a “committee” the communist-sounding group worked! It spawned, and followed through on, a slew of blockbuster initiatives:

The challenge presented by bullet number 4 seems daunting. How did they vanquish it? They just said “NO!”

I love finding heartwarming stories like this. They’re hard to find, but thanks to web sites like Gary Hamels’ MIX, it’s getting easier.

  1. charliealfred
    April 27, 2012 at 7:59 am

    “I love finding heartwarming stories like this. They’re hard to find,” Same as the 10 o’clock news, too. Stories on murder, rape, political scandal get 10x the time as human interest. But I’m not sure if that ratio distorts or is representative of the “real world.” Same question about corporate quagmires.

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