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Hameltonian Gems

Hameltonian == Hamiltonian, get it? I know, I know – that’s the worst free-association joke you’ve ever heard.

When it comes to eloquently cracking good jokes while talking about serious matters, Gary Hamel is right up there with fellow heretical management genius Russell Ackoff. Check out these gems from Mr. Hamel’s latest book, “What Matters Now“:

  • Unfortunately, the groundwater of business is now heavily contaminated with the runoff from morally blinkered egomania.
  • It was a perfect storm of human delinquency. Deceit, hubris, myopia, greed, and denial were all luridly displayed.
  • “ninja” loans (no income, no job, no assets).
  • Among the powerful, blame deflection is a core competence.
  • As ethical truants, big business seems to rank alongside Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.
  • If life had adhered to Six Sigma rules, we’d still be slime.
  • …they seem to have come from another solar system—one where CFOs are servants rather than gods.
  • …you’d have an easier time getting a date with a supermodel or George Clooney than turning your company into an innovation hottie.
  • Unlike Apple, most companies are long on accountants and short on artists. They are run by executives who know everything about cost and next to nothing about value.

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