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A Dearth Of Libraries

In Herb Sutter’s talk at GoingNative 2012, he opined that the biggest weakness of C++11 is its dearth of libraries; which causes programmers to waste lots of time ($$$) writing their own code to implement mundane functionality like XML parsing, cryptography, networking/sockets, thread-safe containers (<- I’ve had to spend quite a bit of time doing this!), serialization, etc.

Using language and library specification page counts, Herb started out by showing the progressive growth of C and C++ over time:

Next, Herb presented this eye-popping chart of relative library size for C++11, .NET, and Java:

Yes, that’s C++11 down in those tiny blue boxes. WTF! Note that the core language specifications on the left side of the chart are roughly the same size.

To address the issue, Herb proposed the formation of a an open-source Portable C++ Libraries (PCL) organization with the following guiding principles:

Herb also addressed the issue of how the PCL would interact with the C++ standards committee with this chart:

Basically, the PCL would serve as a front end vetter and integrator of library submittals in order to unburden the committee from the responsibility and allow it to concentrate more on tricky core language features (concepts, modules, static if, etc). The C++ committee would serve as the final fine-grained scrutinizer and approver of library additions to the language. In practice, libraries like poco and Qt could be shipped with every standards-compliant C++ compiler in the future.

I think Herb’s idea is a good one and I hope it blossoms into the real deal. How about you? What do you think?

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