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The Uncrossable Threshold

Unless you work in a Chinese sweatshop, the likelihood is high that your management has an “open door” policy. After all, it’s been the right thing to do since the 80’s, right? However, the likelihood that anyone but their “direct reports” casually cross the threshold to chat about problems and ideas for improvement at any level in the org is low, no?

So why is that? Could it be an unwritten rule in hierarchies that “little” people aren’t allowed to “whine” to stratospheric luminaries? Could it be a culture of fear of reprisal? Could it be a dearth of trust? Could it be the perception that bosses don’t like to hear bad news? What do you think it could be?

  1. February 23, 2012 at 7:24 am

    Thanks for YOUR visit to my blog! I really enjoy your ability to express complex management issues in simple diagrams and few words. I worked in a heirarchy for about 20 years and can really relate to the management myths that you expose 🙂


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