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Yet Another Nit

Programming in C++, I “prefer” composition over inheritance. Thus, for that reason alone, I’d use “ComposedLookupTable” over “InheritedLookupTable” every time:

In addition, since (on purpose) no STL container has a virtual destructor, I’d never even consider inheriting from one – even though those who do would never try to write this monstrosity:

Of course, this can be seen as yet another childish BD00 nitpick. But hey, what else is BD00 gonna do with his time? Solve world poverty? Occupy the org?

Quality is in all the freakin’ details, and when you see stuff like this in product code, it makes you wonder how many other risky, idiom-busting, code frags are lurking within the beast. But alas, where does one draw the line and let things like this slide?

As a final note, beware of disclosing turds like this to their authors; especially in mercenary cultures where everyone is implicitly “expected to” project an image of infallibility in order to “advance” their kuh-rearends. If you can excise turds like this yourself without getting caught, then please do so.

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