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Attack And Advance

Check out this recent Grady Booch tweet on the topic of  “why” he, James Rumbaugh, and Ivar Jacobson syntegrated their individual modeling technologies into what became the UML standard:

Over 20+ years ago, when the rate of global change was just a mere inkling of what it is today, my friend Bill Livingston stated in HFAW that: “complexity has a bright future“. He was right on the money and I admire people like Bill and the three UML amigos for attacking complexity (a.k.a ambiguity) head-on – especially when lots of people seem to love doing the exact opposite – piling complexity on top of complexity.

Extreme complexity may not be vanquishable, but (I think) it can be made manageable with the application of abstract “systems thinking” styles and concrete tools/techniques/processes created by smart and passionate people, no?

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