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A Bunch Of STIFs

In “Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications“, Grady Booch argues that a successful software architecture is layered, object-oriented, and evolves over time as a series of STIFs – STable Intermediate Forms. The smart and well liked BD00 agrees; and he adds that unsuccessful architectures devolve over time as a series of unacknowledged UBOMs (pronounced as “You Bombs“).

UBOMs are subtle creatures that, without caring stewardship, can unknowingly sneak up on you. Your first release or two may start out as a successful STIF or a small and unobtrusive UBOM. But then, since you’ve stepped into UBOM-land, it can grow into an unusable, resource-sucking abomination. Be careful, very careful….

“Who advocates for the product itself—its conceptual integrity, its efficiency, its economy, its robustness? Often, no one.” – Fred Brooks

“Dear Fred, when the primary thought held steadfast in everybody’s mind is “schedule is king” instead of “product is king“, of course no one will often advocate for the product.” – BD00

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