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Raising Ire

I’m a member of several C++ programming groups on LinkedIn.com. Because I’m passionate about programming and software engineering, I like to share links to what I think are interesting C++ articles to the groups.

Bam! Out of the blue, I get this BS “warning” from a hot shot moderator of one of the groups:

After challenging this self-important dude to point out some examples of “off topic” postings, to define excessive “posting frequency“, and to provide the name of my accuser, I received silence.

Out of curiosity, I contacted the group owner and asked WTF was going on. He checked into the situation and said that I wasn’t posting too frequently (of course, there IS no rule about posting “too frequently“) and that he enjoyed my posted links. Nevertheless, I quit the group since there are many other C++ groups to contribute to without being hassled by a power monger and control freak. Life is too short.

Via a simple analysis of the content in the “scary” warning message, I arrived at the conclusion that the dude was reading this bogus blog and got pissed off cuz he is either a BM or a BM wannabe – and the shoe fit. So, I sent a message to Mr. God and suggested:

“If my blog upsets you, then don’t read it.”

Of course, since he didn’t admit to it, I don’t know fer sure if Mr. little Hitler stumbled onto this blog and blew his stack . But, as you know, BD00 is prone to making stuff up and bouts of wild speculation. D’oh!

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