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Research In Motion (RIM) is the creator of the wildly successful Blackberry phone. However, even with the recent release of the well-respected (but too late to the game) Playbook tablet, RIM’s financial and market positions have started to erode as a result of the iPhone and Android onslaught.

Either RIM is shot, or they’re well on their way to being shot – as in “out of business“. For the details, check out “RIM gets handed open letter from disgruntled employee, quickly responds in kind — Engadget“.

The interesting aspect to this “open-letter-from-disgruntled-employee-to-management” case is that the anonymous employee is a senior executive and not a DIC; nor even a manager from a flabby middle borg layer. This fact just about seals the deal – RIM is probably shot.

Another serious piece of evidence that forbears the impending implosion of the RIM corpricracy is the totally predictable and papally infallible response from the corpo spin team:

Of course, as the papal response implies, the open letter writer is a traitorous, agenda-seeking coward and “the senior management team at RIM is fully aware of and aggressively addressing both the company’s challenges and its opportunities“.

But wait! The flood gates have opened and there appear to be several more traitorous, anonymous cowards in the borg that are coming forward. Gee, RIM’s hiring processes must suck to allow all these unethical yellow bellies through the door, no?

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