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The Only Means

Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means. – Albert Einstein

I stumbled upon the above Einstein quote while browsing Chetan Dhruve’s twitter page. One can set a good/bad example by:

  • their day-to-day behavior,
  • the quality of their work output, or
  • (preferably) both of the above.

Since managers in DYSCOs and CLORGs are “above” work (shhhh – you’re not allowed to know and think that), they can only set an example by behavior. DICsters, however, can set an example using both approaches. Alas, it’s a real challenge to produce high quality work and behave as a role model when you’re continuously saddled with un-articulated goals that change on a whim, unreasonable schedules, and cleverly ego-centric managers. Nevertheless, it can still be done in spite of being immersed in a toxic environment. How do you do it?

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