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Uneducated, Greedy, Fungible, Lazy, Untrustworthy

I enjoy reading Watts Humphrey‘s work, but it’s not because I’m a big fan of his TSP/PSP software development approach. It’s because his writings inspire me to think and inquire. Thus, his writings are full of great blog post seedlings.

In “Leadership, Teamwork, and Trust: Building a Competitive Software Capability“, Watts describes the unquestioned assumptions made by managers regarding workers back in the ole’ days when Frederick Taylor’s scientific management methods were king:

Uneducated, Greedy, Fungible, Lazy, and Untrustworthy – UGFLU. There must not be a vaccine for curing UGFLU because it seems like the affliction has heartily survived 100 years of medical advances. UGFLU is an adaptable and robust little bugger, no?

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